Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with this work locally. Feel out what is right for you and contact any of these committees to weave in!


The Action Committee calls white people in to the racial justice movement, dismantling
and undermining racism and white supremacy in the many intersectional ways these
systems operate. We support and work in solidarity with our local BIPOC-led account-
ability advisors.

Strategies include:

  • ·mobilizing white people in support or condemnation of political actions, candi-
  • dates, campaigns and legislation, including campaigns shared with other NYS
  • SURJ chapters
  • ·encouraging members to participate in selected protests and direct actions
  • ·calling for political, judicial and economic policy changes (such as defunding the
  • police)
  • ·training members in advocacy and direct action
  • ·providing political education on issues such as mass incarceration, abolition of
  • policing and prisons, the legacy of redlining, racially just state funding, etc.
  • ·representing SURJ ROC on the Police Accountability Board Alliance.

Interested? Contact


We meet the 2nd Tuesday each month to co-develop workshops, facilitation skills, and check-in with our own internal work together. Anyone with any level of facilitation skills ( or none at all! ) are encouraged to join with openess and curiousity. We collaborate with other white people collectively to dismantle white supremacy and reimagine our own shared identities through our ongoing and constantly evolving anti-racism education and embodiment practice. Check out our upcoming workshops at Got an idea for one? Let co-create it! Please email to get our next monthly meeting’s Zoom link.


Communications Committee meets monthly, generally the second Monday evening, to discuss ways to promote events and actions, improve our media presence, and make sure we are in line with the direction of our chapter BIPOC advisors and the messages of the national organization. Interested?


  • To disseminate information, events and activities of our chapter, local racial justice organizations, and other SURJ chapters on social media, including FB, Instagram and Twitter, and website (
  • To communicate with members through email
  • To coordinate SURJ ROC relations with news media
  • To maintain a current e-mail list 
  • To amplify voices of color in our communications
  • To facilitate communication between Committees
  • (To sign in attendees at General Meetings )