Support Police Accountability

SURJ ROC has endorsed the call for an ordinance creating a Police Accountability Board, requested by Enough is Enough. You can find their full report, and a 4-page summary, under Files on our Facebook Group.

A handwritten letter is best. Co-author Barbara Lacker-Ware asks that you address your letter to City Council President Loretta Scott and send to Barbara at 260 Woodside Place, Rochester, NY  14609. The letter should urge Scott to help pass this important ordinance. Below are some suggested talking points, but the more personal you can make the letter, the better. If you live in the City, be sure and mention that. If not, write anyway; this is a community-wide issue.

I recommend the adoption of the ordinance found in “The Case for An Independent Police Accountability System: Transforming the Civilian Review Process in Rochester, New York.” This ordinance abolishes the current Civilian Review Board and establishes a new Police Accountability Board as a separate department of the City of Rochester. This new Police Accountability Board will:

  •        Hire an Administrator and Investigator who report to the Board,
  •        Conduct investigations independently of the Rochester Police Department,
  •        Have the power to issue subpoenas to compel testimony and evidence,
  •        Make findings to determine whether civilian complaints against officers are sustained or the officers are exonerated,
  •        Make recommendations to the Chief of Police regarding the discipline of officers whose charges of misconduct are sustained.

Questions? Or to get involved in the campaign for passing this ordinance, contact action@surjrocorg.  Thank you!