SURJ ROC’s Response to RPD’s announcement of Charges against Officer Vaughn in the death of Daniel Prude


            As the local chapter of the national organization SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice,) SURJ ROC shares our community’s outrage and disappointment that only one officer out of seven responsible for the death of Daniel Prude is facing disciplinary charges.  “This is not a victory,” as so well-stated by Free The People Roc. It is apparent that the RPD cannot police itself.  Nor do the two charges of unnecessary and/or excessive force and discourteous/unprofessional conduct adequately reflect the value of a lost life.

            It remains outrageous that all seven officers have been on paid suspension for over a year, adding further pain for the Prude family and the community who support them and share their grief. We continue to follow the lead of FTP in calling for the firing of all seven and for reallocating funds from the police department to other community resources that truly keep us safe.  We call on our members and all concerned citizens to keep pushing City Council to allow the PAB to be fully independent, so that it can effectively investigate police misconduct.  We continue to hold the Prude family in our hearts and demand real justice and accountability for the loss of their loved one.

            To our members: please remain adamant and push our state legislators to support and fight for the pass age of regarding Daniel’s Law, replacing police with trained professionals as first responders in mental health crises.  Stay engaged, stay motivated and committed to working towards justice for all who have been, and continue to be harmed. 

            —SURJ ROC Steering Committee